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Facebook | Reports

These reports provide the insights you need to optimize and manage your advertising on Facebook. In addition to providing all the data about your account, campaign or ad performance, Facebook Ad Reports help you learn much more about who is engaging with your ads.

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10 Rules For Advertising On Facebook

In this guide, I’ll walk you through 10 of the most important laws for businesses when advertising on Facebook.

These are laws that define how Facebook advertisements function and general perspectives that you should keep in mind when creating your advertisements. Some laws will describe immediate actions you can take while others are more broad. All of these laws should help you improve your overall Facebook advertising experience.

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Facebooks Clinically Precise Advertising

No matter what you think about Facebook, I think that nearly everything they’ve done can be described with one word: precision.In contrast to MySpace’s messy profile pages, Facebook looks like an interior of a Swiss bank. Their privacy options are very precise: you can choose exactly which users can see which parts of your profile. Their ads are very well targeted especially for users out of the US; Google AdSense ads I’m seeing pale in comparison.Now, they’ve introduced some very interesting options that I haven’t seen elsewhere: language and radius-based ad targeting for advertisers.Sure, you were able to target your ads by country before; but in some countries, several different languages are spoken. Now you can choose a certain language withing a country; for example, you can focus your ads on Spanish-speaking users in the United States

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