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New CSS Layout

Named layout 01 though it’s technically layout 04. Features a nice single-page view great for featuring photo essays – perhaps an image-driven How-To or step-by-step.



So yeah, very happy with the way aaearhart.com/photography came out. Need to create css for all other browsers. The functionality is browser independent, but my OCD will not let the layers pop all willy nilly per browser. Looks like I’ll be doing some browser detection and then loading of one of three css. Easy stuff.

Tossed my flash portoflio project up. It really is an elegant design. Just need to flesh it out. Maybe, just for fun, I’ll do a CSS version of the site. If I get around to it.

Otherwise, the finches are giving me the stinkeye because the feeder’s empty, Sweetpea has a hiding spot far beyond my imagination and Restaurant City is super fun.


Finally, aaearhart.com/photography is decent enough to look at. Man what a load of hacked code. Still haven’t browser tested it though. I’ll do that soon enough. Looks great in safari!


Finally some progress. chicagoHouse and sandStone are both framed out. Solved my :hover issue. Turns out it was a conflict between the ul padding and the li padding. Reconciled it and am very happy with the results. Kicked them both out in template form.


Next Up: One Site, One Page and something new