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How to Create and Use Dreamweaver Snippets in Dreamweaver 8 – Associated Content – associatedcontent.com

Dreamweaver 8 snippets are used by web designers who design and program often. Trust me, being a web designer and designing all day long, these snippets come in handy and save me time. Snippets make it easy for a designer to save lines of code that they use often and reuse it over and over. Dreamweaver 8 also has some snippets already written that you can use. Snippets would be ideal for things like scripts, headers, and footers. But they can be used for all kinds of things. In this guide I’m going to show you how to create a snippet and how to use a snippet. First we’ll look at how to create a snippet.

via How to Create and Use Dreamweaver Snippets in Dreamweaver 8 – Associated Content – associatedcontent.com.


The Snippets Exchange at Dreamweaver FAQ.com

For those of you unfamiliar with Snippets, you will be amazed! Similar to snippets in other programs, Dreamweaver MX has its very own Snippets panel. These snippets are very similar to ones in other programs but use a different file format, .CSN. Classic snippets use 2 files, .HSS and .HSE.

via The Snippets Exchange at Dreamweaver FAQ.com.

Use a Dreamweaver Snippet

Dreamweaver Snippets allow you to save and reuse chunks of code over and over. This saves time and effort in maintaining a large Web site. Plus Dreamweaver has a lot of pre-written snippets to use. Use snippets to store things like:

* Headers and footers

* Logos

* Scripts

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Good. Done with the site design. Now, as is to be expected, I’m waiting on content.



Studio Hillcrest

Studio Hillcrest site *almost* finished and ready for publishing


Short site done for Studio Hillcrest

Just waiting for photographers to add to the gallery then the FTP for publishing.

KIN: Agency for the Arts design is done!

After many many bugs with IE and the navs, I’ve finally got it all sorted and ready to be filled with delicious content.


KIN Agency For The Arts

I ended up using two different horizontal nav systems. The first (top and primary) nav is the “JavaScript Dropdown Menu with Multi-Levels” and was taken from liegber.com. JavaScript powered so it’s got that nice subtle flow and fade.

With the time I had I couldn’t suss out how to have more than one of these menus on the same page, so I sought out another menu.

The second nav, which is only used on the home page, is the “Skeleton dropdown menu” from stunicholls.com. Also easy to edit and work with, this menu system is primarily css-powered. I implemented and tested it in IE and Safari, finished the site up, then realised I never incorporated the .js aspect of the code. So far it’s working fine without it and I can’t sort out where, when or how to implement it. This bit of .js code is said to be for enabling IE6 and under, so I’ll have to look in to that of course.

SEED site all packed up

USD’s SEED San Diego site redo is ready for proofing, standards scrutiny and other fun critiques.

SEED San Diego

The site revamp is almost complete.


The old/current look n feel for SEED San Diego

The old/current look n feel for SEED San Diego

And the new:

The new look n feel

The new look n feel


Trying to find the best design for a&awerks websight. Started out with something a little high production and implemented it in the “Coming Soon” page here

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

The serif fonts and the gears are something I’m looking to maintain. To me, a serif font is industrious, professional and consistent. The gears and cogs are a further representation of “industrious” and more towards hard-working and technically inclined.

Built up the “steel version” under the high production look of the Coming Soon page. The layout is a good one, but we don’t feel it’s right for our purposes. I could tweak it some more, but … the layout just isn’t right for the project.

Steel Version

Steel Version

Changed the logo to just the cog and started working with a simpler, more white-spacey layout but it’s too open. I abandoned it.

The simpler cog

The simpler cog

But this is the best. The colors just happened and I got the chance to make another robot. The layout is open but not empty. One page website. Exercises all the programming I can swing and it’s neat.

Bobot and a & a werks

Bobot and a & a werks

Turns out CS3 implemented all this fun spry stuff via javascript and jquery. It’s getting me learning jQuery like I want and … well, looks great.

ae media

I’m really liking the æ media site. It incorporates flash, jQuery, HTML5 and so on. Very nicely exercising my skillset.

Screengrab of the live but still in testing ae media site

Screengrab of the live but still in testing ae media site

Needs some background textures maybe. Perhaps I’ll dig the coral tile up and work with it.