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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Hacks & Customizations | Graphic and Web Design Blog

There are a number of great resources you can use to find outstanding hacks, customizations, and tips to make your WordPress blog more unique, user-friendly, and engaging.

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7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Every Blog | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials

I’m sure you have seen lots of articles named something like “best 30 plugins for WordPress” or “The coolest 60 plugins for WordPress” etc. In my post today I’m not going to make another collection of links but rather list just a few plugins that I’m using in my own blog. Of course, I haven’t added all of them from the very beginning. Depending on the task set before me I had to make some studies followed by experiments and make tests, tests and tests. I will explain why I find these plugins extremely useful as well as speak about some widgets that are worth using.

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WordPress : 10+ life saving SQL queries

Although there’s lots of things that you can do in WordPress, sometimes you may need a quick fix for a specific problem. In those cases, working directly on the database can be a real life-saver. In this article, I’m going to show you 10+ extremely useful SQL queries for WordPress.

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Town Center Company

Building a wordpress site for Town Center Company. So far I’m using the PageLines Whitehouse template. Once the feedback and content start coming in, I’ll be able to sort out the changes to style, structure and flow.


Town Center Company screengrab

Ask the Expert – Using WordPress to Build Large Scale Websites with Derek Herman | Design Informer

A mature, simple but robust CMS/Blogging platform with tons of documentation and resources available at your fingertips. You can usually find the answer to your seemingly original question with a little help from Google. If you’re having an issue, it’s likely someone else did too and told the world how to overcome it.

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WordPress Theme Hacks

WordPress Options

There are many built-in options in the Admin panels that can make your site much nicer. Here are some of them:

Custom Frontpage

By default, WordPress displays your blog posts on the frontpage. But if you want to have a static page (ie. welcome or splash page) instead, you can set that in Admin > Options > Reading.

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NOTE: I found this in the dashboard under Settings | Reading

Super Easy 10-Step WordPress MU Installation Guide and Screencast – WordPress MU and BuddyPress plugins, themes, support, tips and how to’s

hese installation instructions are broken down into 10 simple steps for your convenience. I’ll be using Version: but there shouldn’t be much variation between the versions for now. When you’re first starting out with WPMU, the trick is to find installation instructions that aren’t three years old (ancient in WordPress years!) and that make sense to you. I remember installing WordPress for the first time and wondering if I just input one wrong value, the whole install could be forever ruined and I may not even know it. Take heart – you can always scrap it and start over. I believe you will find that installing WPMU is as easy, if not easier, than installing single-user WordPress. You won’t have to edit the config file at all. It’s so easy, even a girl can do it! ;)

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Shopp — plugin ecommerce for wordpress

Shopp — plugin ecommerce for wordpress.

Perhaps I’ll use this instead of instinct’s. Hopefully it’s more user-friendly

WordPress + Shopp. Perfect.

Shopp is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your WordPress-powered website or blog. Get your store up and running in minutes. Then, take it to the next level with the flexibility of Shopp’s customization tools that allow production studios and power users to tailor every aspect of the shopping experience.

Setting up my WordPress Test store

Things I did:

1. Went to and listened to Self-Hosting A WordPress Site” by Maria Langer
– Got as far as “Installing with one of the suggested ISPs” and then …

2. Went to and watched 1-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Media Temple

3. Logged in to my MediaTemple Account Center and hunted down the 1-Click Applications button
– Selected the Add New Application button
– Selected WordPress
– Clicked the Install button didn’t need to worry about the warnings
– I left all the default options in the setup, ending up with for the path and wp_ for my database configurations
– Clicked the Install button and didn’t need to worry about any warnings as I was creating for the first time
– Refreshed a few times waiting for the process to finish and clicked the Finish button

4. Since the process didn’t automatically take me to the next step in the installation process I manually entered my URL – and found somehow, my blog was not showing up. Instead, my main website, was loading. I’ve sent out for some support from my web host (Media Temple) regarding this.

5. Moving on, I typed in the full URL for the blog as and reached the WordPress blog setup screen
– Entered my blog title, email and allowed all the googly goodness to enable
– Clicked the Install WordPress button
– On the Success! page I copied my crazy password to my clipboard as instructed and hit the Log In button

6. Jumped back over to and continued with Maria Langer and followed along through the “Importing WordPress Content” section. I wish I hadn’t done this. For the purposes of this exercise I want to build a WordPress powered store. Importing my current blog filled the place up with all my rantings as you see them here. I need to start fresh with store-ish content.

7. Continued on with the “Next Steps” section
– Changed my password and filled out the profile information
– Edited Settings | General information
– Followed along to the Appearance | Editor portion and got sidetracked for about an hour messing around in the Editor (not saving changes) and browsing for plug-ins and themes
– Ended up with “Thematic” by Ian Stewart as it provided a detailed framework with a blank canvas for the making pretty stuff

8. Since this will be a store-front I went over to Instinct and downloaded their e-Commerce Plugin for WordPress

9. While I was downloading I grabbed the latest WordPress bundle from

10. Regretting having imported my actual blog, I deleted all the imported posts, categories and pages from the storefront site and got to work installing some dummy content pages, filler and categories

11. Added a couple of product pages and could not figure how to edit the main (landing) page
– Hit the main Dashboard button in the upper left corner of the dashboard window
– Used the QuickPress feature and jotted some content in
– Voila! This updated the content on my landing page

12. Now the juicy part: adding products in the Products section
– First hit the Products | Settings and made everything generically America-centric
– Then up to Products | Categories to set up some organization and structure
– I really want the “grid view” for the catalogs but this is one of Instinct’s first upsells I came across. I think this is a very worthwhile upsell though. The bastards!
– Spent about thirty minutes being perplexed by “Brands” and “Categories” and then went over to instinct to dig through their help files on this topic
– Was further stumped by “Product Tags” vs “Cloud Tags” and why the search feature seemed to not communicate with either
– Also wondering how to get the Monkey items on the Monkey page and so forth