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30 Unconventional Portraits That Challenge Convention | Phototuts+

30 Unconventional Portraits That Challenge Convention | Phototuts+.


Lomo Photographs

Studio Hillcrest

Studio Hillcrest site *almost* finished and ready for publishing


Short site done for Studio Hillcrest

Just waiting for photographers to add to the gallery then the FTP for publishing.

Bio / Statement Done

Amelia Earhart is a photo essayist originally from Cleveland, Ohio and San Diego resident of ten years.  She has worked with various local foundations, including HeadNorth and Kids4Peace, reporting on events that shape our society and humanity. She is currently a design student at UCSD’s Digital Arts Center and spends her out-of-school time traveling and lurking about in museums. Amelia’s nescient approach to photography is best represented through her close-cropped portraits and whimsical essays. Preferring a “candid camera” approach, the bulk of her work with people is an ongoing exercise in intimacy and familiarity.

“I take snapshots to show the beauty in others. Everyone, even funny-looking people like myself, have a light to them that is unique and worth telling. My sole reason for taking someone’s picture is to illustrate this story – their story. The story of that moment or the story behind that expression. The light in their eyes and the tale on their face, these are what I look for.

As lighting is my biggest hurdle I let it decide my snapshots for me. The textures within the scene are my framework, an environment to enrich the interestingness of my subject. If I were a composer texture would be my melody, the subject my lyric and light my muse.”


Finally broke down and made some grass brushes for Illustrator. These are my first brushes so they need some polishing.

Scatter Grass Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Scatter Grass Brushes for Adobe Illustrator - right-click and Save As for the .ai file

Proposal for CCDC is coming along nicely. Went shooting for it yesterday and walked about downtown for two hours. Wanted more time but my honey was hungry. Posting images shortly. Got some good stuff. Will be excellent for the proposal.

Backdrop to be painted for the Red Riding Hood shoot

Backdrop to be painted for the Red Riding Hood shoot

Kicked out the background for the Red shoot. Now to get down to Blick and get a canvas and paint it up. Then the hard part’s done. So far cast is:
Red: ?? – I’m thinking Jen, but, and I hate saying this, I can’t have wrinkles. Perhaps Stasi’s girl, Megan.
Huntsman: Alex Hansen
Wolf: Andrew Huesing or Eric Chase – whomever gets the fuller faced beard


Finally, is decent enough to look at. Man what a load of hacked code. Still haven’t browser tested it though. I’ll do that soon enough. Looks great in safari!