Hay there! About me? Well let’s get started.

I’m a graphic and web designer living in glorious San Diego, California. I’m currently unemployed so I pass my time studying new (to me) technologies like Flex and Flash Builder and Adobe AIR. I’m very jazzed about the whole CSS3 esplosion, but worried about the consequences of @font-face. Like the web isn’t messy enough. Still trying to incorporate HTML5 in to projects, but I’ve a lot to learn.

Thanks to the wonders of input-resources like twitter and facebook I’m never looking for inspiration or motivation in graphic and web design. I am, however, going through a dry phase with my photography. I’ve still not gotten out to see Avedon at Balboa Park and not gotten to catch some sunset light on the lilies at the Reflecting Pool. I am working on a project with a make-up artist friend involving some fairy tale photo essays. I just need models, but then, that’s why I just joined the San Diego Modeling Meetup. Here’s to hoping they don’t think I’m a big hack. Which reminds me; I’ve to get my Leibowitz book back from Jeff Dillion!

So as you can see, I’ve loads of inspiration and just not enough time/motivation. You can find me all over the web if you look for “aaearhart.” I’m on twitter tracking stuff like new fonts, Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop tutorials, free vector sites, iPhone coolness and other bits involving the design world. Pop over to facebook and you’d get a glimpse of what a day in the life of a girl with a garden and two bunnies is like. On flickr I post my current projects – photographic and just graphic. Web designs too. My skill level with Illustrator and Photoshop has grown dramatically since all this unemployment nonsense. Hooray for lemonade!

I do want to find some work so if you’re looking for someone like me, chat me up at aaearhart@hotmail.com.


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