Talk Show Host Treatment

0.00 Open to street view as seen through apartment window
Dark, early morning, people on street below
0.10 =I want to=
0.12 Girl steps in to frame, back to camera
Camera over left shoulder
0.16 =I want to be someone else or I’ll explode=
0.26 Left hand up to window glass, above head
0.27 =Floating upon the surface for the birds=
0.33 Slowly drops to shoulder-height
0.37 =The birds=
0.41 Man steps in to frame – trench coat – looking up
0.43 =The birds=
0.51 Hand moves in, sliding along glass towards mouth
0.52 Man turns away leaving
0.54 =You want me=
0.54 Girl turns back to window looking slightly over right shoulder down at street
0.54 Begin zoom out
1.00 =Fucking well come and find me=
1.01 Sits on sill – hands on sill
[Gun on sill by left hand]
1.04 =I’ll be waiting=
1.10 =With a gun and a pack of sandwiches=
1.11 Right arm cross chest – hand on left shoulder
1.15 =And nothing=
1.17 Face turn to face table – zoom out to see room
[Small 8×10 – kitchen to the right, light pouring out of doorway
-Table with sheet draped over messy
-Chair off to the side
-Mattress in far corner below left of window
-Steam radiator below left side of window frame]
1.21 =Nothing=
1.26 =Nothing=
1.28 Table is in focus
1.30 =cres=
1.30 Begin focus on girl
1.35 Pick up gun in left hand without looking
1.36 Gun in hand firmly
1.37 =Nothing=
1.43 Shift gun in hand
1.47 Walk towards door – camera follows
1.48 =You want me=
1.53 =Well come on and break the door down=
1.55 Hands on door – gun still in left hand
[Many locks on door. Many.]
1.56 Lean body against door – right cheek on door
1.58 =You want me=
2.04 =Fucking come on and break the door down
2.06 Rotate through right shoulder – back against door – head looking right 3/4
2.09 =I’m ready=
2.10 Right hand up to head-level, back of hand against door
2.14 Raise gun in left hand to stomach – aimed up at far wall
2.15 =I’m ready=
2.20 =I’m ready=
2.24 Slide down to floor, knees bent
2.28 =cres=
2.34 Right hand comes across – holding gun in both hands – aimed almost to ceiling
2.35 Head looking right almost over shoulder
2.36 =I’m ready=
2.48 =cres=
2.48 Feet stop and disturb the light under the door
2.58 =I’m ready=
2.58 Head back against door – looking straight ahead (at camera?)
3.10 Pan back to window
3.20 =cres=
3.20 Bright fade cut to girl under table/sheet with light reading a book – back to camera – come in over left shoulder [sandwich on plate on ground]
3.28 Fade jump to zoom in on book – pictures of happy couple in love
3.32 =I’m ready=
3.33 Page turn to photo of him
3.40 Her hand on the page – fingers tracing lines of him in photo
3.42 =cres=
3.48 close book
3.50 Push book away to reveal gun
3.52 Pick up gun
3.53 Cock hammer
3.53 =decres=
3.54 FTB


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