night swim

close your eyes
bolt the doors
turn your back
there’s nothing more

deep black water
sweeps you down
not tread or swim
so good to drown

it creeps and it steals
you don’t know its there
growing gets so real
they cant help but stare

look all you want
but you cant see the end
stare deep in to it
but there is no end

it looks back at you
but it just cant see
maybe you should reach out
maybe try to get free

got a plan for tonight
gonna set things straight
these things have come to light
you can feel their weight

that cool dark water
has a locked embrace
cant see the surface anymore
splashing over your face

just let the ebb flow
let it wash you out to sea
in a watery home
you can turn it free

let it rush and surge
let it turn you over
it tells you all you need
and you want to listen

reach down to pulling up
warm hands firm and strong
shine a light in
cast a line out
been drifting far too long


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