let it go

my heart afloat in limbo
no strings, no hands

the threads are thin
my lifeline tank is out

too much, too soon
left nothing for myself

and now I’ve got myself where?
alone inside of being alone

i dreamt of light so warm
i made it real, put it in reach

my mind is so convincing
tells me it’s my heart ruling

hearts don’t lie but heads do
my own dream has done me in

so i reel back in my heartstrings
to put the thing back in its box

such a fool, how i played myself
bought my own bill of goods

i don’t want it back
just leave it adrift
i clearly cant take care of it

or just keep it, it’s yours
treat it better than i did
give it to someone who has use of it

i don’t want it anymore
just let go, let it slip in to time

let these pains fade away
i want to go under, be washed over

just let it go


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