PINT: Classes: Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript 1

Winter 2010 | University of California, San Diego Extension

Course Statement

This course introduces the use of client side Web scripting using JavaScript. The course is not strictly about the constructs in the language, but covers overall use, philosophy of the language, and how it will effect Web design as a whole. JavaScript is the main focus of the class, but we will also study the concept of Dynamic HTML (DHTML), which includes (X)HTML and CSS. Ajax will not be covered in this class and is covered in-depth in a related course. The class is lecture and hands-on oriented. However, students are expected to work on projects outside of class hours. Some notes will be provided, however there is a required text for outside reading. Prior programming knowledge is not mandatory but will be extremely helpful. Students really should know (X)HTML in order to take this class. This class is not meant for people who already have significant working experience with JavaScript.

via PINT: Classes: Introduction to JavaScript.


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