KIN: Agency for the Arts design is done!

After many many bugs with IE and the navs, I’ve finally got it all sorted and ready to be filled with delicious content.


KIN Agency For The Arts

I ended up using two different horizontal nav systems. The first (top and primary) nav is the “JavaScript Dropdown Menu with Multi-Levels” and was taken from JavaScript powered so it’s got that nice subtle flow and fade.

With the time I had I couldn’t suss out how to have more than one of these menus on the same page, so I sought out another menu.

The second nav, which is only used on the home page, is the “Skeleton dropdown menu” from Also easy to edit and work with, this menu system is primarily css-powered. I implemented and tested it in IE and Safari, finished the site up, then realised I never incorporated the .js aspect of the code. So far it’s working fine without it and I can’t sort out where, when or how to implement it. This bit of .js code is said to be for enabling IE6 and under, so I’ll have to look in to that of course.


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