Trying to find the best design for a&awerks websight. Started out with something a little high production and implemented it in the “Coming Soon” page here

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

The serif fonts and the gears are something I’m looking to maintain. To me, a serif font is industrious, professional and consistent. The gears and cogs are a further representation of “industrious” and more towards hard-working and technically inclined.

Built up the “steel version” under the high production look of the Coming Soon page. The layout is a good one, but we don’t feel it’s right for our purposes. I could tweak it some more, but … the layout just isn’t right for the project.

Steel Version

Steel Version

Changed the logo to just the cog and started working with a simpler, more white-spacey layout but it’s too open. I abandoned it.

The simpler cog

The simpler cog

But this is the best. The colors just happened and I got the chance to make another robot. The layout is open but not empty. One page website. Exercises all the programming I can swing and it’s neat.

Bobot and a & a werks

Bobot and a & a werks

Turns out CS3 implemented all this fun spry stuff via javascript and jquery. It’s getting me learning jQuery like I want and … well, looks great.


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