Vector Bokeh

No, not the name of a Russian villain, but yeah, that sounds close.

Trying to make some vector bokeh, I started where anyone starts; I googled it and found my model:

Bokeh example found through google search

Bokeh example found through google search

I opened up Illustrator and thought about my approach as it loaded. I’d need opacities, strokes and gradients. Hrmmmm. That sounded more like a job for Photoshop, so I switched over.

In Photoshop I created the obligatory black background and tossed in a rainbow linear gradient overlay. EZ PZ. Some 25%, 50% and 75% opacity circles with 2px and 4px strokes got tossed in and gaussian blurred a bit here and there. This is what Photoshop’s version came out like:

Bokeh done in Photoshop

Bokeh done in Photoshop

Then I thought hay, I can make this in Illustrator. Maybe even make it more elegant. So I gave it a go. In Illustrator I also employed an outer glow effect and some noise in the circle’s fill. While more realistic I’m not sure it’s “prettier” than the Photoshop version:

Boken done in Illustrator

Boken done in Illustrator

Perhaps when I learn more about mesh gradients I’ll kick out something more impressive. All told, I’m glad for the exercise.


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