Less with more

No productivity again today. Up till four am with the last of The Wire Season Five only to find myself exactly right back where I started with Season One, Ep One. Oh, Dukie, how could you let it come to this?

Fleshing out the Little Red Riding Hood shoot and I think I’ve got it down: ? to sit as Red, Andy to sit as the Wolf and Alex to sit as the Huntsman. Will need to head to Blick and pick up a large canvas to paint for the background. Perhaps Liz can give me a deal. I’ll approach Jen Culver to sit for Red. Maybe she’s got a red hoodie and white tights.

So I’ve a few mock websites designed. Perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone if I actually build them out. Learn CSS3 and HTML5 while being productive. Get to employ some flash too here n there.


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